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About that Spartan trailer in the previous post...

I got it the few miles home with only one of the tires going POP (no sense stopping to see what happened, rather obvious and nothing to be done but continue).  Now it is parked in our side yard on the South side of the house.  My PLAN was to remove all of the interior fittings, lumber, furniture, appliances down to the aluminum skin and supporting ribs with the floor.  THEN, I had hopes of removing the center 18 feet of this 33 foot long (it is called a 35' trailer because they include the towing tongue). and attach the front and rear curved bits to make a cute little "canned ham" vintage type trailer.
 click the picture to enlarge it.

As it turns out, the 60 years this poor old Spartan (above and in the previus post) spent here on the Washington coast has not been kind to it, and I find it to be seriously not restorable in any way.  BUT!  I have just hatched a new plan!  Just as the OTHER 35 foot Spartan is our art studios on the North side of the property here.

I am not sure why the one, pictured below with our studios in it survived so much better in the same climate.
 What IF I were to take the 'empty' 35 foot Spartan and block it up out back somewhere, run electrics, including a big-honkin' 220 Volts to it and make it into a METAL ARTS studio?

I have always wanted to be a crazy old metal sculptor, but so far, all I have of THAT dream is the "crazy old" part.
I keep receiving inspirations to go ahead with it.  The latest came in an email today from a friend who is a noted photographer where he sends pictures from the noted metal artist named James Corbett.  THESE guys are MASTERS of their art.  Maybe it IS crazy, and for sure, MY metal art will go a different direction, but since this place does NOT seem to be selling in order for us to get gone to New Zealand, we figure we should just live our lives as we see fit since the place IS paid for...


Bustednuckles said...

Ain't nothing wrong with being crazy bud.
Do what the hell ya want and good luck.
I ain't working for asshole inc. any more. I am, however, enjoying the shit out of laying around getting drunk.

My best to you.


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