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RetroRocket lamp. From the base up, this piece is part of a cast metal Thunderbird car hubcap, a spherical thing that was part of some sort of color lamp, a 1964 Chevrolet horn ring with two old Ford hood ornaments mounted to it. The oblong black thing in the center is something that I found. The black question mark shaped tube is from an old lamp, as is the fiberglas lamp shade. It has a new light socket and pull-chain switch. I will return to post the dimensions of this, as it is in storage out in my studio. $245.00
The ROCKET brand ray-gun is one of my very favorite pieces, and has won several blue ribbons in local art shows. The base started life as a vacuum cleaner. I dissasembled it, removed the paint and buffed it to an aluminum shine, cut and fabricated portholes, and installed the machinery. Machinery? Oh my yes! Please have a look at this fabulous unit in action. The cooling tower with the rocket cut-outs in the sides was a large coffee percolator and has a 1963 Ford Galaxy tail-light lens on top. The adjustable mount for the clear ray-gun atomizer tube is from an old dentist's chair headrest and bicycle handlebar mount. There are several lights that flash and a busy engineroom when one peeks inside thru the portholes. It runs on 12 volts from a transformer. $525.00
The CLOCKPOT is an old silver(chromium?) percolator with a battery clock mounted and a clear plastic dome. Mounted on a finished oak board. Clock works too! $195.00
Groovy little clock-on-circuit board (2). I used to tear apart computers, printers, etc etc for the pieces for my art. I had these two great little hard-drive boards with PERFECT holes in them. One day I had an AHA moment, and here is the result. $40.00
Designed to be touched and fiddled with, LUCY'S TRAILER of course, has a little toy trailer, similar to the one Lucy could not help but pile full of rocks, to Dezi's grump. Right of the trailer is a little silver stash can that opens, underneath that is a secret place where one can push the paddle and the golden hasp opens to reveal...left of that is the antique volt meter that spins, an old Washington state tax token that spins, and a miniature address/phone book that pops open! On the left end is a Buick automobile hood ornament on a spring that spoings around when touched and a bit of spelter grandiosity. $195.00

To purchase or discuss, please email me joetruck@gmail.com

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