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Trying to get a stock of tiny bots made ahead of my special demo at BAY AVENUE GALLERY on Feb. 14, 2015

THIS is 'BOT FLY.  It measures about 7 1/2 inches long.  Many of the found objects that make up this sculpture are of mysterious origin.
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From the Dangerous Toys series, this is the Canned Ham #3 - FUTURA
$600.00 from Bay Avenue Gallery or $550.00 direct from me.

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I have been down with very painful teeth and some sort of sickness.  Shame because the weather is clear (if cold).  I am feeling somewhat better today, and have this truck camper that I am hoping to have ready for use by Christmas, which means I had better get busy.  Part of what needs to be done is to make the lifting jacks much more secure.  You see, from the factory they are screwed into the 2x2 wood corner frames which is not very strong and always cause trouble.  Trouble is something I do not need so will bolt this big piece of angle to the steel back bumper and fashion a bracket at the bottom of the rear jacks to tie to it.  So, today, I got this piece cut off at 37 inches long.  That's about it for today as really not up to it.  I will need 2 of these (no problem) plus clean and painted  with self-galvanizing paint before and after installation. More later.


31 October 2014
The Canned Ham Project No.2 - No.8 in the Dangerous Toys series is finished and on the shelf up at the BAY AVENUE GALLERY in Ocean Park, Washington USA 98640.

Here are some shots of it:


Well hi, all!  I haven't been here in a while so time for an update! 

Maybe you knew that I bought a self contained 1969 slide in truck camper?

I knew it was rough when I bought it, but at $325.00, I couldn't pass it up. Note the stoooopid THREE JACKS.  Dumbest idea of the last century!  When I started re-furbing the thing and decided that it needed major surgery so had to make room inside the garage for it.

Well, after while after while, I decided that it should have a full survey, which means partly disassembling it and peeling back the skin to see EXACTLY what I have GOT here...

I am NOT going to have this 45 year old "beauty" ready to take to my 50th high school class reunion in Camas, Washington in August!  I am going to be a busy boy just to try to restore this thing and personalise it as my own rolling estate!

Until next time, HI YO SILVER, AWAY!
Your pal,


I have taken on a trailer restoration project.  It is an old Airstream Bambi (I think). It's not in bad shape, just very very neglected and parked in a horse pasture for many years.  Interior was re-done (not original), I guess 15 or 20 years ago. Does this mean that I am a professional now?

I hope to get pictures from inside soon.  It needs mass bug bombs and cleaning.


a few pictures of the pieces I am entering in the Spring Art Show the weekend of April 25 - 28


The 1957 prototype automatic room cleaning machine:


the BEAM OIL COMPANY HOME DELIVERY TRUCK 1930. The idea was to simply drop the oil cans off at the customer's home and customer would tip it into the tank.   Didn't work out.

Driftwoodie - driftwood, spike buck deer horns, a piece of sage smudge, this and that: