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The Nahcotta Mermaid

One of my quests today was to save a little mermaid.  NO, for real!  She was part of what was a sacred sort of mandala type thing in what was once a famous herb garden.  I had to rescue her because I am quite sure the bulldozers are coming for her home soon.  For now, let's just call her the Nahcotta Mermaid.  I think there could, indeed be majik here somehow.   Here she is, friends, the first time she has been seen by the public in many a year.

I  will post more about this fascinating little piece of majik soon!


19 March 2014 - making a new black bamboo patch to balance the South side of the front yard with the patch on the North side of the yard.

FIRST thing is to construct a "containment ring" as bamboo (even 'clumping' bamboo) will wander out and get into trouble if you let it.  I had/have lots of scrap aluminum sheet bits from building the art-car, tearing down trailers etc.  I pop riveted a bunch of pieces together:
THEN, I made a  37" diameter `18" deep ring of it;
I used a small sharp square end spade and dead blow hammer to cut out 3 large and hearty canes from the old black bamboo patch on the North side of the front yard;
Which I took over to the prepared hole in the center of the containment ring on the South side of my yard;
Then I filled around the containment ring.  Filled inside with the good soil from the top of digging  the hole.  Then a few buckets of mulch and a bucket of water and VOILA!
Soon it will be as big and vigorous a stand of  black bamboo as the mother patch.  Below are the tools I used, minus the pop riveter (which had got itself put away);
For closer inspection, click any picture to biggify it.


my new ride. I like em cute and funky. '84 Subaru GL, 2 door hardtop, 5 speed. Plenty bonks and dents.

Mechanically great.  The body is somewhat (?) beat up.  I LIKE IT.  It suits me. Sure, I'd love to have a new or nearly new automobile, but that is just not in the cards for this old bird.


License plate "canned ham trailer" construction revealed! Click on pix to biggify

I wonder if there is a WAY to do a blog like this with the first posts at the top here and the latest progress posts further down.  Just like you would be scrolling through the process??  Does that make too much sense?  If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know, ok?  Thanks!

Following are the latest posts from Sunday 5 January 2014

I will now regale you with the trials and trivia with making a round porthole window in a motorcycle license plate door for a little trailer.  From the pile I picked a Kansas plate because it is a bit smaller and I have been fretting about getting scales correct (never happen).  so, anyhow, after deciding upon the lens to become the window, I need a hole saw.  Eeezy Peezy, eh?  I chose one just a tad undersized and this vid should show how I work it to make the hole just a bit larger than the drill made:

videoAfter doing all THAT and the lens fit the hole perfectly, with a bit of hand work with my small rotary tool, I ended up with this -

Needles to say, I was not satisfied with that lens as a porthole window for this particular trailer, so I had to get out my big-box-o-lenses and have a look:

I chose a dandy convex greenish tint old timey lense from SOMETHING.  Now I am fashioning some tabs to hold it in from the back side of the door.

Hi all of you Informiorium fans!  2 more pieces sold yesterday at the Bay Avenue Gallery, here in Ocean Park, Washington, USA.
There has been great interest in the construction of the newest "canned ham" trailer.  I will try to continue to update this post as the assembly progresses.  Let's begin with a picture of the first canned ham, which sold QUICKLY at the Spring Art Show.
Let's call this the "original"

Please scroll on down for progress reports!

 Followed by assembly pictures of this new canned ham.  I plan to write a fantasty story to go with it...

 Watch this space for updates!
The 1th of January 2thousandfourteen!
The left side wall is complete on the inside with some detail yet to do on the outside:


Not quite 2 weeks into December, 2013 - indoor project, outdoor plants

Indoors here, I am starting a new "canned ham" trailer piece.  I hope it will be as good as the first, maybe better :

MEANWHILE, outdoors, some plants are covering themselves from the frost waiting for a hint of spring, while others continue to make pretty right through the frozen weather:


My truck is going to need some WORK before I can make the Christmas trip...

Please click on any picture to biggify it!

So, I have cleared out the garage enough to accept the front 1/2 of the truck which is where the work needs to be done (engine starting system).  It looks sort of bizarre from the outside: 

It is quite cold at night this week, so this is my answer.  The barrel stove inside is roaring away...I expect a late night, as I have to wait until RACHEL MADDOW is over...

Here you can see that the front 1/2 of my truck is inside where it is warm and bright.

 And THIS is a clue to what my garage looks like "cleaned up".  A comfy chair in front of the wood stove, tools more or less within reach...


Finished Monday October 14.  Taken to Bay Avenue Gallery in Ocean Park to find new homes:




6 October 2013. The day after my 67th birthday.

Miss Katsura in her Fall Dress.

I brought this katsura tree from Bellingham when the sheriff ran me out.  It was just tiny - in a 5 gallon bucket.   Below the katsura, you can view the 'grass garden' that runs about half of the roadside of my property:

click the pix to biggify



Save the Arctic: Free our Activists
15 armed Russian Coast Guard officers have illegally boarded Greenpeace ship, the Arctic Sunrise via helicopter, stopped all outside communication and are currently holding more than 20 activists onboard at gunpoint. Please send a message to Russia's US Ambassador now.


My visit with a neurosurgeon about my neck was not so productive,

but I DID manage to have a great time in Astoria Oregon in spite of that...it's a lovely small riverside city, which is just a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean and Columbia River Bar   CLLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO BIGGIFY IT!
First thing to do, is to climb up a fire escape and notice differences in adjoining architecture:

Then, I stopped at Vintage Hardware and picked up a BIG brass kickplate off an old door to use in my new little welding studio (no pix, sorry).  On the way from there, out in from there, I spied the most bestest 48 (or so) Ford Panel rat rod EVAH parked in front of Gimre's shoe store!

aint THAT a peach though!  DAMN!  I searched all around for the owner to see if he would trade (LOL@JOE!) for a 1998 ray gun truck!  No luck.

So onward with my travels.  I needed to go out to Home Depot and Costco which are very near each other.  I have long whined about not being a good cafe' near this shopping mecca.  NOW there is, and I am here to tell you, it is a delicious and comfortable place to eat!  They have local craft beers and a full bar too (which is nice for some, but not me.  Sorry, I neglected to get any shots of the inside of the UPTOWN CAFE', but here is one from the roadway that runs from Home Depot to Costco.  It is in the little section with Staples (Office Depot? I forget they look the same to me), the Dollar Store, and more.  TRY IT1

Then, having done my medical chores, a small amount of shopping, belly full, I headed toward home again.  Back up 101 to Astoria, then across the big bridge to the Washington side and onward to my wonderful funky little home near the beach not far from Ocean Park, Washington USA.