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Marchant adding machine

I love when people give me old machinery or whatnot for my art.  If it gets used in the art or not is another thing, as there are piles of "groovy things" yet unused...AP gave me this rusty, crusty, dirty, busted old adding machine today.  I love it!  THANKS AP!


Scuse me I just came in for a sandwich

This piece is back on the market!  My commission could not "afford it".   I really dig it!   I'll be back in a bit with detailed description for you!


 The PLYMOUTH is finished!
Not only is the new canned ham finished and on the shelf at Bay Avenue Gallery, but it also has a name.  Henceforth it is the PLYMOUTH.  This is a special Christmas 2015 Holiday edition, and I am danged proud of it!  If you get the chance, by all means stop into the gallery to see HOW proud of it I am.


A little (about 12 inches long) canned ham takes shape - this is the PLYMOUTH.  Scroll down for vid.

Here's a link {opens in new window} to that song in the background - Jimmie Reed Highway


Canned Ham #5 is on the bench - no name yet - time will tell.

I will add to this post as this project progresses...
 ABOVE basic shape temporarily fastened together
 ABOVE - wheels mounted, rear bed, sink and most of the forward settee is in
 ABOVE Looking out the window, one can see a photo of an inspiration
 ABOVE - one can see the placement of the sink cabinet - not finished quite yet.



is on the shelf at Bay Avenue Gallery in Ocean Park, Wa USA

The legend of Father Christmas' Steampunk Flyer:
As the reindeer at the North Pole gathered at the Associated Brotherhood of Arctic Flying Animals union hall, Father Christmas  prepared for a rough season of deliveries without his traditional helpers.  There were only 3 elves to help build a temporary vehicle for delivering Christmas presents and they had their work cut out for them.  They had only pieces of a toy motorcycle, a coffee percolator, lamp shades, this and that to work with. This is the actual unit made for Christmas eve's deliveries, but not used as the reindeer union and Christmas management found a solution to their problems.


11 November 2015
Fendernose has been evolving here in my living room / studio.  I am still not sure if it will have legs or wings or both.  It has a stand so it can sit on the table if it will behave itself.

The nose is an old Schwinn 10 speed front fender bit, and the teeth is a big-o alligator clip.  Coffee pot, lamp shade.  More to come soon!


Here is something new that a friend in Tennessee put together for me after hearing of my mysterious intense night leg pain

Canned ham #4, FUTURA sold recently.  I am busily working to complete #5.  Here are a few photos of that progress:

 If you buy direct from the artist, he gets near 100% (minus shipping and insurance) of the proceeds.


Trying to get a stock of tiny bots made ahead of my special demo at BAY AVENUE GALLERY on Feb. 14, 2015

THIS is 'BOT FLY.  It measures about 7 1/2 inches long.  Many of the found objects that make up this sculpture are of mysterious origin.
click any picture to biggify it.


 From the Dangerous Toys series, this is the Canned Ham #3 - FUTURA
$600.00 from Bay Avenue Gallery or $550.00 direct from me.

Click on any picture (except the vid) to biggify it.