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Good thing the old "financial meltdown" or DEPRESSION as my folks called it is improving and I don't have to do THIS SHIT any more - - - OH WAIT! I am heading down the I-5 to Metro Metals in Portland with this load first thing in the morning!

So if you see me out on the I-5 between Longview, Wa and Portland, Or, just never mind.  Drive on by, maybe a beep beep and a peace sign, but I ain't botherin' nobody, and don't want nobody botherin' me.  I will only run about 55 - 60 mph.  I never run a high mileage 6 cylinder over 3 thousand rpm (a guy wants to be able to jump out if something happens - LOL).  I AM JUST FINE MR. COPPER, SO PLEASE LOOK THE OTHER WAY AS I ROLL BY.


Bustednuckles said...

Damn! Quite the load on the old truck!
Hope ya made it back!!

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks Knucks! The a**holes at Metro wouldnt take some truck sheet metal (some of the heaviest of the load). I was out on 99N in Hazel Dell at the battery factory and dropped into a trailer park there thinking maybe you lived there, but you did not. There were a couple scrappers there who were real happy to get the front fender/cowl sections off an 76 1 ton van!

In process now of putting the 350/350 from that 1 ton van(motor home) into my old 65 Chev motor home. Know anybody wants a fine 292 six/4 speed?