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The latest FREE score for Singletree Salvage:

It's a 1951 Spartan, just like the one we use for our art studios, only it is 5 feet shorter at 30 feet.  It's rough, not sure what to do with it yet.  It sat there next to the old pump house shed for 60 years until I came along and rescued it.  First on the list is to get it home without the coppers stopping me.  Click the pic to biggify.

Alrighty then. I finally got it home!  20 miles per hour for about 3 miles.  One tire went POP! on the way - I did NOT stop to see what had happened.  "just takin' my new treasure home...
This one is 30 feet long.  The one with studio in it is exactly like this only in good condition and 5 feet longer.
My intention with this one is to take both END pieces and fit them together on a 12 foot frame as the cutest little "canned ham" trailer you ever saw, and sell off the bits in between (already getting emails from guys for parts)

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