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Today I found the prettiest little boat steering wheel I have ever seen.

click any picture to biggify it
12 inches tip to tip at the handles.
This little cast iron and wood beauty would have been
clamped to the gunwale at the stern, near the  net rollers
on an old double ended gill net fish boat, not unlike the 
one pictured below.  I believe the boat below is of early '40's
vintage and the WATER WITCH portable wheel may be older.


Anonymous said...

It sure is cute. Have you figured out what you will do with it yet?


Mr. Natural said...

Yes, my intention is to post it on Ebay tomorrow (Sunday). Gotta be TWO people out there who want it and are willing to get into a bidding war...if you are into wooden boats I just found a historic one that I am going to try to scoop up for resale,,,

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks for stopping by JH!

After 2 goes at it, it didn't sell on Ebay and I won't give it away for less than the $40 I paid for it, so I guess it lives here now. I see it as part of an intricate steampunk-ish door latching mechanism...

Discounskitube Sandgear said...
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