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I made these boxes to be an arrangeable triptych. So that the buyer could stack or arrange them as it suited them. Now I don't like them. I guess what I don't like is the resin poured over the items to keep them in place. Are they art, junk, the art of junk, or what? I suppose I will post them at my ETSY STORE, but what do you think of it? Should I sell them individually? Bury them for some archaeologist to find in the future? They are supposed to resemble boxes from some old guy's workshop...oh yea, they ARE! LOL Tell ya what: if you like them, I will trade you to come repair my hot tub. How's THAT for the deal of the century?
Click the picture to biggify for detail.


Seaclans said...

I kinda like them. If you don't and the items can still be removed from the boxes maybe use the "junk" and the boxes to make other pieces. I kinda like the time capsule idea though. LOL.

Mr.Natural said...

HA HA, thanks seaclans! The items are no longer removable...I poured resin over them so the boxes could be stood up in any direction.

Saints and Sinners said...

Sometimes everythign is great until that last, unchangeable step....Then you want to just scream.

Personally, I like them. I know you probably don't like the look of the resin but I don't think its bad, but probably not what was in your minds eye.

Resin is near impossible to remove too, there is stuff you can use, but its expensive, toxic and might ruin the boxes themselves.
I say put them up as is, they will sell.

Mr.Natural said...

Thanks s & s! You have got it EGGS-ACKLY right! It only costs 20 cents to put it up on my Etsy store, and what the heck, right?