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I have been down with very painful teeth and some sort of sickness.  Shame because the weather is clear (if cold).  I am feeling somewhat better today, and have this truck camper that I am hoping to have ready for use by Christmas, which means I had better get busy.  Part of what needs to be done is to make the lifting jacks much more secure.  You see, from the factory they are screwed into the 2x2 wood corner frames which is not very strong and always cause trouble.  Trouble is something I do not need so will bolt this big piece of angle to the steel back bumper and fashion a bracket at the bottom of the rear jacks to tie to it.  So, today, I got this piece cut off at 37 inches long.  That's about it for today as really not up to it.  I will need 2 of these (no problem) plus clean and painted  with self-galvanizing paint before and after installation. More later.

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