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19 March 2014 - making a new black bamboo patch to balance the South side of the front yard with the patch on the North side of the yard.

FIRST thing is to construct a "containment ring" as bamboo (even 'clumping' bamboo) will wander out and get into trouble if you let it.  I had/have lots of scrap aluminum sheet bits from building the art-car, tearing down trailers etc.  I pop riveted a bunch of pieces together:
THEN, I made a  37" diameter `18" deep ring of it;
I used a small sharp square end spade and dead blow hammer to cut out 3 large and hearty canes from the old black bamboo patch on the North side of the front yard;
Which I took over to the prepared hole in the center of the containment ring on the South side of my yard;
Then I filled around the containment ring.  Filled inside with the good soil from the top of digging  the hole.  Then a few buckets of mulch and a bucket of water and VOILA!
Soon it will be as big and vigorous a stand of  black bamboo as the mother patch.  Below are the tools I used, minus the pop riveter (which had got itself put away);
For closer inspection, click any picture to biggify it.


Anonymous said...

Hope those roots don't find a way out! I've dug bamboo roots as work practice at a Zen retreat!

Mr. Natural said...

I did have the papa patch try a little runaway. It took a lot of digging but got it stopped. This is supposed to be "clumping" bamboo...right....

Moreah Vestan said...

Saw you on mingle. I LIKE your creativity. I'm 73 going on 50. More about me at pleasuresandponderings.com.

Mr. Natural said...

Hello Moreah. I looked around in your website. Gosh. Everything seems to have definitions and meanings.
I took a RHETI test while there. I am not sure what it means as paragraph after paragraph sort of causes my eyes to blur...here (I hope) is the upshot of the test: href="http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/">src="http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/icons/type8M.gif" border=0 alt="Enneagram" title="Take the Enneagram Institute's Free Enneagram Test">
free enneagram test

Mr. Natural said...

The html did not work. oh well