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License plate "canned ham trailer" construction revealed! Click on pix to biggify

I wonder if there is a WAY to do a blog like this with the first posts at the top here and the latest progress posts further down.  Just like you would be scrolling through the process??  Does that make too much sense?  If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know, ok?  Thanks!

Following are the latest posts from Sunday 5 January 2014

I will now regale you with the trials and trivia with making a round porthole window in a motorcycle license plate door for a little trailer.  From the pile I picked a Kansas plate because it is a bit smaller and I have been fretting about getting scales correct (never happen).  so, anyhow, after deciding upon the lens to become the window, I need a hole saw.  Eeezy Peezy, eh?  I chose one just a tad undersized and this vid should show how I work it to make the hole just a bit larger than the drill made:

After doing all THAT and the lens fit the hole perfectly, with a bit of hand work with my small rotary tool, I ended up with this -

Needles to say, I was not satisfied with that lens as a porthole window for this particular trailer, so I had to get out my big-box-o-lenses and have a look:

I chose a dandy convex greenish tint old timey lense from SOMETHING.  Now I am fashioning some tabs to hold it in from the back side of the door.

Hi all of you Informiorium fans!  2 more pieces sold yesterday at the Bay Avenue Gallery, here in Ocean Park, Washington, USA.
There has been great interest in the construction of the newest "canned ham" trailer.  I will try to continue to update this post as the assembly progresses.  Let's begin with a picture of the first canned ham, which sold QUICKLY at the Spring Art Show.
Let's call this the "original"

Please scroll on down for progress reports!

 Followed by assembly pictures of this new canned ham.  I plan to write a fantasty story to go with it...

 Watch this space for updates!
The 1th of January 2thousandfourteen!
The left side wall is complete on the inside with some detail yet to do on the outside:

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