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While at the letterbox by the road today I noticed a BREAKOUT of my (LOL) clumping black bamboo...

Well, these things must be dealt with post-haste (as long as I am physically able).  So I went at it with my diggers and cutters...
Here is the runaway bamboo runner headed for the road.  You can see it right at the base of the clump of black bamboo there at left center:

So, not minding my painful (meds!) crunched neck bones, I got out my diggers and cutters and some aluminum scraps and did what needed being done.

I am pretty sure that if it gets under the roadway and damages it, the County will get after me about it, so best to deal with it rather than that county dude.
So now, does anyone want a nice hunk of what is now known as "LOL Clumping Black Bamboo"?

 SO, if anyone wants a hunk of this, let me know right away because along about Friday or Saturday I am going to toss it into a little landfill I have going out back...

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