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FOR SALE OR TO TRADE - 1998 Isuzu Rode - dual overhead cam V-6 automatic trans. 4 NEW mud and snow tires.

Drop me an email  if  $US3900.00 is in your spending money range or I am open to crazy-ass trade ideas.

This thing runs great, is a competent 4 wheel drive with limited slip fore and aft.  You can run it with the front hubs turned in for full time 4X4 or not - whatever rings your bell.  No rear seats - all panelled in back.  Room to sleep or whatever.  New 2" heavy duty receiver hitch with trailer wiring for either 7 pin (trailer brakes not wired in yet) or 4 pin flat. 

The fins are .030 rv aluminum sheet with rigid foam sandwiched and sealed.  NO LEAKS.  Has a strip of RED led lamps in each fin that add to the turn/flasher signals.

I might trade for good small-ish pickup truck with extra-cab (for throwing groceries behind the seat) with trailer towing hitch.  -OR-  hoo noes - make me an offer!  JOEtrUckatGMaiLdotCOM



Mr. Natural said...

The Propellor and mount are gone off the front. Replaced by a rather threatening (not) bit of stainless steel trim.

I drive this to Vancouver/Portland area regularly - nice ride with panel truck in back!

Mr. Natural said...

propellor and nose thingie gone now - nice bizarre stainless steel ornament replaced it.