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Bustednuckles said...

Nice touch.

Mr. Natural said...

Y'see, I was going to make it into a panel truck as the rear door was still bashed in. when I got it the right doors and fender were bashed. I scored a new fender down in Salem cheap and banged out the fender. So I spies some .030 aluminum in Craigslist so goes on up to Portland and gets me a couple sheets of it. It came in BIG-ASS sheets, so, as I was a pop-riveten fool, I drew it out with big ol 57 Chev fins on it. They are riveted to the body right down to the moulding at the lower part of the doors and up around the rear wheels. then riveted around the tops of the windows as if it were to be a panel truck. The insides of the higher part of the fins is full of rigid foam glued in with vulkem. Aluminum sheet again in the insides of the upper fins tabbed to rivet to the roof and around the rear window. All bent over and sealed tight as a catholics ass. I stuck a row of little LED's on the lower aft of the fins to augment the turn sig/flashers. I am thinking of cutting the roof out and putting some sort of double cathedral doors on the back. I have a shitload of really cool red plexiglass...inside is all panelled with plywood and will have a fold down bunk soon. All for $400! First thing I did was get me some lock-out hubs for it. Seems these Isuzu's were a real TRUCK with real SHOCK ABSORBERS and massive skidplates. dual overhead cam Chev V-6 limited slip fore and aft. I have been buying one new tire a month and now have for new mud and snows on it. That's Rustoleum Hi-Vis gloss red there - applied with a low knap roller and chip brushes!

Glad ya like it - I will post progress pix. Still hoping to finish my '65 too!

Hope all is well with you there in Vancouver or wherever you are these days....HEY I got an idea! I'll go over to busted knuckels and see what you've been up to!

toko baju muslim said...
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