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a few tips to secure your cards & keys while traveling:

Going traveling?  Here are a few great tips from RVersCorner:

Empty your wallet on to the photocopier before you leave home. Photocopy all the contents including credit cards, health cards, auto insurance and registration, phone numbers or addresses, drivers license.

Toss in your passport, pet vaccination certificates as well. That way, if your wallet is stolen or lost you will know immediately what has to be canceled or replaced, and the copies may provide a substitute in the interim.

Carry the copies in a separate bag/vehicle, or swap copies with your traveling partner so the copies do not go missing too. Do the same with your key rings. List all the keys on the ring and what they are for - so you will know what to replace. If needed on the road, you may want to consider making duplicates and carrying them separately.

Personally, I will use my HOME scanner as some commercial scanners have hard drives in them that STORE THE INFORMATION - you wouldn't want THAT to happen, would you?

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