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Yesterday (Saturday 12 Feb) we went to Astoria for our monthly shopping trip. We went to see about getting a leather bag repaired at the leathersmith shop in the Uppertown station on the East side of Astloria Oregon:

Uppertown Station with Guitar shop and Leather shop:
as always, click on the picture for bigger

Right next to the uppertown station building is the walkway to the old net shed on the Columbia River known as BIG RED.  This was originally a fisherman's co-op net repairing/drying shed which fell into disrepair over the generations.  Some time ago it was bought and turned into artist loft and etc spaces.  

Couple years ago a huge storm blew through and took the top off it (with people inside!).  I understand that there are artists spaces in it again, though I don't see how.  

I hope it withstood the huge blow that came through the area last evening as it was a true white knuckle driving experience, and I feared for any mariners out in the river or the ocean beyond.

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