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CRAZY TRAILER is out of the shed! There's a storm blowing in off the Pacific Ocean and it is time to "weather test" it.

I had been wanting to build something with a gambrel roof for many many years.  I had this licensable trailer frame from one of my teardowns.  VOILA!  22 foot Crazy Trailer!  I may auction it off later in the Summer after it is finished.  My buddy who owns the local second hand store said I could do it in his parking lot.  WHAT FUN.



Bustednuckles said...

Wow dude! That is freaking cool! I love it!

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks knucks! So I found out that it does leak a bit after last nights blow/rain. Back into the shed! At least this gives me a chance to clean up in there before backing it in again. I saved out the holding tanks, toilet, sink, stove etc in case whoever buys it wants me to convert it. The damned thing is so well balanced you can pick up the tongue with one hand (pure dumb-ass luck!).

Mr. Natural said...