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While driving into town (Ocean Park) the other day to salvage another load of old clear grain, rough cut fir 2x4's from a demo/remodel site, I stopped and took a picture of one of the trees that fell across the highway during the last big wind storm here:

Here is the pile that I waded in to to get the salvage rough cut lumber:

The builders had cut the roof loose in sections and thrown them to the ground.  I had to knock/tear/rip the sections of 1x with cedar shingles on them loose to extract the lumber I wanted.  You can not BUY lumber like this these days.  There are still a ton of nails in it, but it will rip out into some real nice stuff!  What is not re-usable for lumber will warm the workshop.

I am hoping to build a cute little cottage or cabin on the used RV trailer (caravan) frame where I have stacked my booty.  The 1951 SPARTAN trailer you see is 2 art studios and a small gallery.  Also showing one of my garage doors.
More to come as this project (among others) develops...


Bustednuckles said...

Niiiice score .
LOL! The word is Flectors, ya might want to use that later.!

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