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Yesterday I posted a comment over at THE STEAMPUNK HOME about the portholes in my garage doors. I built this garage and stuck these stainless steel portholes into it many many years ago. The portholes measure about 22 1/2 inches across on the outside. They are actually not "portholes", rather, they are the doors from old commercial dryers at a laundromat that went out of business down in Seaside Oregon (I am an incurable scrounger and "crap stacker", taught by masters). I have enough portholes to put one in each of the panels, but only one of the remaining 4 are of stainless steel, so have not installed them for not knowing how to get any sort of rust preventative UNDER the rubber glass seal next to the metal. If you have any tips, please don't hesitate...

The front of the garage is 24' across.
The doors hang on rolling tracks.

 From the outside:

From the inside,
you can see that I simply cut the hole to fit
and secured the dryer door from the inside
using copious amounts of

 SIDEWINDER weatherproof caulk.

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