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Near The East End of The Chinook Tunnel:

Today I had to make a trip over to Warrenton, Oregon to return something at the new Costco store. It was only noon as I was heading back home, so I decided to make a few stops along the Washington side of the River and search for some driftwood.  I found several prime sticks to make a hand-rail, a few garden benches, and other who-knows-what-yet.  I call it shopping at the stick store.  I have always wanted to climb down to the River by the East end of the Chinook tunnel

and snoop around there, so I did that today.

This first one is of the old timey railroad tunnel looking West toward the tunnel from hiway 101.  Old Fort Columbia sits above the old tunnel which the hiway runs through nowadays.  Not long after this old timey picture was taken, there was a roadway built around the point of land there on pilings of wood.  That must have been one slippery dangerous drive out to catch the old Megler ferry!  I climbed down to what appears to be a cove in the distance on the right:

While there snooping around (I did find a couple of prize driftwood sticks) I discovered an old giant growing out of the rocky hillside which most of the tourists and others whizzing past on the pavement mere feet away are unaware of.

(click pictures to biggify)

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