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The Peninsula Arts Association Fall Show is this next weekend.  We can enter 3 things, and all 3 must be for sale.  Please click the picture to enlarge to HUGE for closer inspection.

Here are my 3 things:

Surge-Yo on the left $185.00,
Lamp 0909 in the center $99.00,
Surge-Yo's Sister on the right $185.00


Bustednuckles said...

You sure are a creative feller.
I like the lamp.

Good luck my man!

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks Ornery! Last time I entered I got 2 blue ribbons.

Anne said...

Those are all wonderful. I particularly love the sister - very personable. How creative you are, my friend.

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks Anne. I won a first and second for Surge-Yo and his sister, and sold the lamp for 90 bux! Last time I entered the local show a couple years ago I got 1st and 2nd and judges choice. Also think there is a commission work in the offing!

I'll post pix of my ribbons and pile-o-money if you guys like! LOL@me!

tapirgal said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks a lot for your informative comment on my Tug Lewiston post. It's great to hear from those who know, and I can just imagine the brass. I'm sure it was a work of art!

All the best,