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So...today, we took the old motorhome over to Les Schwab's in Warrenton, near Astoria to get the front end aligned. After that we ran down to the outlet mall in Seaside then back to Costco for gas and then on home. Getting it ready for a run to Camas for my 45th year high school reunion. I always get in a rocking good mood when out in our great old 65 Chev truck house-car. With that in mind, I leave you to enjoy some rockabilly music and some great pix of excellent rat-rods. I love this shit.


Bustednuckles said...

Fucking Blogger ate my reply.

I am a huge fan of Rat Rods.
There is a good old fashioned Hot Rod shop on E st. in Washougal.
Gimme a holler if ya get a spare hour, we'll have a beer or six.

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks fer the invite Busted! I'd love to sit down and shoot the shit over a beer or two with ya. We will actually BE up that way the weekend of the 15th, but best if a time when I am runnin alone...Speakin' of Washougal...back in the DAY guys used to RACE from East Washougal to North Bonneville or Beacon Rock and back in the middle of the night. quite a few got dead doing it. Several guys got dead hot rodding up to the whorehouses in The Dallesport way back before MY DAY too...that area used to always be big-time hotrod country!