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My friend Bob is cleaning up his property, so I went by to see about picking up this cute little 1957 14 foot UNIFLITE runabout boat.  If you hurry, you can bid on it on Ebay!
Now, just what I DON'T need is a BOAT which is defined as a hole in the water into which one pours money. I am thinking I can either clean it up and EBAY it, as this brand of fiberglas boat was known as a heck of a good boat, or give it away to some other sucker. As it turns out, this is not the trailer for it. I found the old trailer back in the weeds and got the wheels off it. They are in my shed now waiting to see if I think they will hold air long enough to get the thing home.

So then, I had to sit and have a beer with Bob, which is enjoyable enough, but I also had to watch him show me how to massage a chicken into napping on one's lap. Not MY lap, mind you...

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