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Alrighty then...I have some pictures for you today:
First of all, when I built that first moon gate, Ellen liked it so much that I was commissioned to build another one on the other side of the house. It turned out fine, but the latch I had made would open itself if the wind rattled the gate at all. Sooo, being the inventor that I am, I came up with a simple foolproof latch made of stuff found in my shop-space - VOILA!
So THEN, I got busy rustling around in my STUFF and started another crazy-assed ART project. No idea what it IS, or what it will BE, but I envision two like heliclopeter blades over the top of it and a jet pack on the back. Maybe a doll's head inside with eerie lights...THEN, TODAY, I have been working on the SIGNS to get people to stop by the gallery to spend some MONEY on this wierd-assed art of mine. This sign will be put up out by the highway every day that I am open, then there is a sign for down at the end of the road, and one for outside the gallery itself. Cool, huh?

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