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5 Auction Catalogs Of High Roller Swag Collected By The World Class Pervert And Dancer Michael Jackson

Click on the catalog cover to flip through the pages of this fantastic stuff offered up for auction.
The most famous lover of little boys was broke.
Now he is dead.
neverland esperesso maker picture via ArtFagCity
Perhaps you'd like a cup of coffee while you peruse the fantastic crap of dead the king of poop?

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Anonymous said...

I turned on the evening news to watch the news. Instead, half way through I turned the sound off. The whole national news, all Couric talked about was Jackson. People being killed in Iran, climate change legislation being voted on today, National Heath care the hot debate, and the MSM acts as if the only thing that matters to ANYBODY is that the freak is dead!

I'm disgusted! Not surprised at all, but still completely disgusted!