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I need to build some fence around our new vegetable patch, and I want to use 4 foot high welded wire field fence. Makes sense. So I call the hardware stores in our community to price 50 foot rolls. THEY EITHER DIDN'T KNOW IF THEY HAD ANY IN STOCK OR DIDN'T KNOW OR CARE WHAT THE PRICE WAS. Well f*ck that, I will just load my raggedy old ass into my raggedy old truck and go over to Home Depot (about a 60 mile round trip), and STILL save money on it.

I am heading out of town on Sandridge Road, and get about 5 or 6 miles from home, when I spy a FREE STUFF sign. Well, you may know that I have never met a pile of free stuff that wasn't worth checking out! I found a FREE TROYBUILT ROTOTILLER. I could not load it (I am guessing several hundred pounds), and didn't have time to lie down next to it and wait for someone I knew to drive by, so...I turned it around and lashed it to the ball hitch and side racks in the back of my truck and TOWED it up Sandridge at about 20 MPH all the way home. Just the other day I was telling Ellen about having HAD a very similar machine, back in the day. This evening when I got home, I pressure washed it, WD-40'd the cylinder and stuff and put it in the shed. As it turns out, it looks like it may well be a fine usable machine. I'll try to remember to keep you posted!
click the picture to biggify it and inspect my latest score! I may sell it after I get it all cleaned up and running...well, for sure, I guess, since we are moving to New Zealand as soon as the place sells!


Bustednuckles said...


Yer a genius!

What a score dude!

Holy shit, those things are worth bunch of money!

Mr. Natural said...

Once I get it running and painted, I should turn a fine buck. OR...who knows what I might TRADE it for? Wheelin' and dealin'...that's what I do.