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Well, we are back from having my neck operated on at OHSU in Portland. They took out two disks and pinned those 3 vertibra together. Running on a slow bell for now. I don't expect to be working on any art or anything else for a few weeks...the drive home the other night was WHITE KNUCKLE over the hills by Clatkskanie through huge snowflakes with near zero visibility. Slow going trying to keep an eye on the white fog-line beside the highway. With Ellen's help, we made it through the whole ordeal.


Anne said...

Ouch! Wishing you a speedy recoop time so you can get back to being fabulous.

Mr. Natural said...

Fabulous? HA HA LOL@YOU, Anne! Thank you dear. Ellen won't even let me work on tiny little art projects for two weeks. She is GOOD.