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I hate to bring such sad news, but feel it is my duty: Country clubs all over America are going under - locking the gates - selling off the lawnmowers. Fine with me. I think they are obscene and a horrible waste of resources and a horrible source of pollution to the water tables of the areas they have cut, sculpted and planted. Perhaps one day the areas they ruined will revert back into the natural areas they once were. SOURCE

A lot of people are learning the hard way that money is only a thing. It is merely a thing that one can trade for other things. Once you have reasonable shelter and basic necessities covered the rest is unnecessary fluff. I have worked out a reasonable, attainable recipe for success:

  1. Figure out what you need.
  2. Figure out how to get it.
  3. Get it.
  4. Enjoy.
  5. Does not include country club memberships.

"lazy only means that you don't have to be somewhere right now"
Mr. Natural

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