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Here is the press release as composed by the Peninsula Arts Association for my spot in this Fall (October 10, 11, 12, 13) Art show in Long Beach, Washington

Featured Artist Joe Chasse’s “Raygun” Makes Unprecedented Second Appearance

Ocean Park, Washington, September 26, 2008 - Joe Chasse, winner of Best in Show at Peninsula Arts Association’s 2008 Spring Art Show and Featured Artist at the upcoming PAA Fall Art Show, creates a genius array of three dimensional collages and free standing sculptures honed from his eclectic collection of salvage treasures.

Chasse’s studios, one of them a vintage Spartan trailer and the other a large outbuilding, attest to his creativity. Odd pieces of computers, tools, exotic rocks, old car parts, machines and just about anything else you may imagine, hang from the rafters, perch on shelves or pop out of cabinets, awaiting their chance to become part of just the right piece of art. “Snooping Around in The Old Man’s Shed”, a piece Chasse is creating especially for the upcoming show, uses an array of these items. This assemblage will be featured in Peninsula Arts Association’s 38th Annual Fall Art Show and Sale, held October 10 through 13 at the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington. Also making an unprecedented repeat appearance will be the crowd pleaser, “Rocket brand Raygun”. This interactive favorite garnered Chasse the Best in Show title last spring.

Chasse’s eclectic collection reflects his life history. The child of artists, his mother a painter and clay artist and his father a silversmith, he was creating art at an early age. The Washington native has lived and worked all over the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and has spent time on the water as a tugboat engineer and time in the mountains homesteading. Chasse is married to an equally talented lady, Ellen Chasse, who makes

amazing bead constructions and is an extraordinary gardener. They reside in Ocean Park, Washington.

Further information on the upcoming Peninsula Arts Association 38th Annual Fall Art Show and Sale may be found at www.beachartist.org.


Bustednuckles said...

Right on!

Good luck with the show!

Tania said...

Good one Joe

All the best for the up coming show

Mr.Natural said...

Groovy! Thanks Tania and Phil!

Mr.Natural said...

I decided that the roof for this thing is NOT RIGHT, so it goes with an antique wood cheese box with a display light inside it hanging off the top...looks pretty cool. Will get pix if anyone wants to see