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My younger brother Les sent me some pix of his recent ride-out on a hot weekend into the Gorge of the Great River of The West. The Columbia River Gorge. He lives about a hundred miles inland from where we live here on the ocean's edge. He rode up the Washington side of the river through the Gorge to the East side of the Cascade Mountains, which the Columbia River cut this stupendous gorge through. More pix HERE. Click the picture to biggify.Nope, I don't even WISH I had a motorcycle...they are cool, but not for me. I aint strong enough to pick a big one up if it fell over, and they are bound to fall over now and then (and I particularly do not want one to fall over ON me).


Bustednuckles said...

He took that picture at Cape horn, didn't he?

Mr.Natural said...

Right busted. I used to love the history of building that stretch of road when I was a kid. Impressive spot.