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So I was emailin' by bud in Vancouver USA, the Ornery Bastard or Busted Knuckles, depending, I guess, on the time-a-day about my woes finding good quality castle nuts for the tie rod ends on my truck. HE says I oughta stop by the Hazel Dell NAPA store and mention his name and see what they can round up for me. So, as luck would have it, I was driving up to Hazel Dell today to run my wife up for a test to a place RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from that exact NAPA store! So, I goes in there and mention the cat's name and those counter guys (and one woman) say "HUH?" So, ANYHOW, they don't have these castle nuts, so I sez "lets have a look at some 78 Chevy 1 ton truck tie rod ends and see what fits THAT. VOILA, WE ARE SOME SOOPER CASTLE NUT FINDING MA-CHINES! So the counterwoman gives me the deal of the century on these particularly expensive little specialty nuts, and on the way out the door I mention "Phil's" name again. SHIT MAN...they don't KNOW PHILIP, but PHIL they KNOW that guy, but I had already got my discount and had MY great day for the week by then....funny, huh?
Oh yea, speakin' of nuts and automotive stuff, here's a couple pictures of the WAY COOL RECORD ALBUM I am gonna post on Ebay this weekend. THE BIG SOUNDS OF THE DRAGS! Early 60's STEROPHONIC recording from the original POMONA DRAGWAY. It don't GET any more gen-yu-wine than this!

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