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We went out today. All day. I took some pictures in Astoria, Oregon. First one is the hood ornament I made for our old Taurus wagon. EXCELLENT, eh?
I wonder how many towns in America USED to have a JC Penny store downtown? Can't be many that still do...INSIDE this Penny's store is an upstairs. Not unheard of, but there is a hand rail on the stairway to upstairs like I have never seen.
Do you suppose someone put these spindles or whatever they are on there to discourage little boys sliding down? It sure discouraged THIS 61 year old little boy!
Then of course, there are always the old elegant old buildings. This one used to be a big drugstore on the ground floor. Lately it has been a high roller bronze art gallery, and now someone thinks they are going to make a 'spensive - tony restaurant work there...good luck to em!

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