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Occasionally I will be offering the odd and sundry item for sale here at INFORMIORIUM. If you see something that you would like to buy or trade something for E-Mail Me
TODAY, I am offering something so unusual that even I HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE, and I have seen a lot, believe me!

Here, for your crap-stacking pleasure is a VINTAGE 12 VOLT SUNBEAM TRAVELLER ELECTRIC CAN OPENER/KNIFE SHARPENER. Has the automobile type cigarette lighter plug, and it runs like crazy when plugged in!
Remember last time you were out camping and your spouse (or kid) whined about having to use that old CRANK can opener to get at those gourmet pork-n-beans? NO MORE!
I figger this has to be a pretty rare item, so am expecting some great offers from you INFORMIORIUM devotees! E-Mail Me!

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