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If you have been curious about the home and property we have for sale at the beach in SW Washington state USA for sale, here are some pictures I took today. It is MUCH prettier in Spring and Summer when the blooms start coming out! These pictures are of the place where we LIVE - of course it would look much nicer "cleaned up", but it is what it is...CLICK PIX TO BIGGIFY.

This place was 2 vacant lots when I bought it 20 years ago. It has really evolved over the years, and has been a really great home. Ellen has been here for 6 years now and her touch with the flower beds and so much more has turned it into a real home, where it was "Joe's house" before, if you see what I mean...
The back yard and part of the South lot were recently dug up to make a sump for the rainwater that runs off the house and shop roofs. I am going to plant new lawn in there this week. I have a LOT of painting and cleaning to do before I make up the ACTUAL FOR SALE ADS to list in Los Angeles and San Francisco. But hey, if you fall in love with the place and JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT...click the email me link in upper part of right sidebar.

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