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I told some people I would tell this story of buying a 29 foot travel trailer that had gotten smashed by a huge tree during the big storm we had here (SW Washington coast) a month or so ago. I thought that I'd get this trailer for the refrigerator because our vintage motorhome needs one, and they are majorly expensive. So, anyway, I asked the guy what he'd take for the trailer and got it for $300 which is a good buy for a nice big RV refrigerator/freezer. I plugged it in and I THOUGHT it seemed to work, so bought it and had a pal help me tow it over to our house, where I removed the fridge and POW the ammonia coolant ran me out. DAMN!

So....I listed the smashed trailer on EBAY. Didn't sell. I RE-LISTED it and damned if I didn't get a bid on it for $350! The guy who bid on it is from GEORGIA of all things, and has a company where he delivers things all over the US. He was up in our corner of the country delivering a boat and a motorcycle, and picking up 3 motorcycles to deliver to other regions.

So he pulls up to our mailbox in this BEAST of a bus, and I direct him into the lot next to the house, where we immediately set to the job of preparing the trailer for a looong journey. They (he, his lady, and their little boy) turned out to be the nicest folks! They worked into the night on the trailer while I took Ellen, my wife, out for valentines day dinner.

Guy gave me the fridge and the awning, both of which I can use. I can get a new cooling unit for the fridge for about $400 (new or rebuilt fridge is well North of a grand).

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