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Earlier today I was out in my studio listening to Saturday jazz on KPLU while fabricating a new output tube/concentrator (WHY do people STILL call it a concentrator in this day and age when everyone knows it is a simple output tube?) for a ray gun I have been building. The black and white glass vacuum tube SHOULD have been a fine output tube....but NO...

which was frustrating, so I am going to try a simple aluminum output tube . I got out my trusty old Rigid tubing cutter only to learn that it was a teeny bit too small to cut this metric size tube. I decided to take the cutter apart and see if maybe there was some way to make it open a tiny bit wider (which worked out) and discoverd that the WASHER under the screw that holds the knob on is a SPARE CUTTING WHEEL. How cool is that??

With THAT done, one can SEE how much better a simple homemade man-melter will function with the aluminum output tube!

My home-made ray gun should be every bit as effecient as those of WETA (thought not so portable), and should suffice to scare the PANTS off wingnuts and right wing loonies...

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