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There is a brighter energy future: Renewable fuels from crops can largely replace gasoline. Wind power can generate a major share of U.S. electricity. America's rural and agricultural heartland can be the go-to supplier for our energy future. And we can dramatically reduce global warming pollution while increasing our energy security.
These are the findings of a pathbreaking new report, co-authored by Climate Solutions' Patrick Mazza and Energy Foundation President Eric Heitz.
The New Harvest reports on emerging, highly credible findings from top researchers that show:

*Advanced biofuels made from plant matter including grasses and crop residues can replace gasoline in the U.S. light duty vehicle fleet by mid-century.

*The U.S. has even greater wind power potential than previously thought, with one-quarter of the nation sustaining wind speeds capable of generating competitively priced electricity.

The report offers public policy agendas to support the growth of wind power and advanced biofuels. Fully realizing the potential to build the infant farm energy sector into a major national energy player over the coming several decades will require strong public policy support, The New Harvest emphasizes.


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